Why did we choose VASS as our name?

The name VASS is grounded in a story of love. The love a son had for his father who ended up passing away from Covid-19 (or lack of treatment early on).

Mark Vass wasn't famous or anything special to the world but he was very loved by all those who truly knew him. He was the most giving man most people had ever met and whenever you needed him he was there in a heart beat.

His life could be summed up in one simple sentence, "Mark believed God and loved from a pure heart".

Mark was married to Patricia Vass and had 4 children - Barb, Doug, Dave and Chels. His whole life he taught his family by example how to give and love others and to stand in freedom. Then unexpectedly in September, 2021 Mark got Covid.

We think he got the Delta variant and it hit him hard. 911 was called multiple times over many days and the hospital system wouldn't admit him and treat him. Instead he was put on an IV for a hour or so and sent home (this happened twice at two different hospitals).

Dave Vass, Mark's son who created this website and is writing this blog post, had a very special relationship with his Dad. He talked to his Dad almost everyday and his Dad was one of his best friends and mentors. Dave was living in Vernon, BC when this all happened and never had a chance to visit his Dad before he passed away.

Eventually Mark got admitted to a hospital on the third try but by then it was almost too late. He was having difficulty breathing and within a day ended up intubated in the ICU. Several weeks later he passed away in the hospital room with his wife laying by his side and three of his children singing hymns and praying as he went home to be with Jesus.

After going through this firsthand and seeing how his Dad was not given anything to help treat Covid, Dave decided he wanted to make a difference in the world so that other lives could be saved and know matter what personal choices people make, they'd be given whatever is necessary to survive and thrive.

Dave and his wife Jennifer didn't know where to start but stumbled across a group who at the time was called Ezra Wellness. After one meeting with Bea, one of the leaders in Vernon, Dave felt led by God to donate money to the cause. Dave loved Bea's heartfelt vision for helping others who are falling through the cracks in the current medical system. Without expecting to be that much more involved it was a pleasure to give to a worthy cause.

But little did Dave know that this was just the beginning to something much greater which would eventually be a powerful movement in his Dad's name! While visiting family in Calgary at Christmas Dave and Jennifer received a phone call from Bea who relayed the news that they had decided to go under the name VASS Integrated Wellness to honour Dave's Dad.

What an amazing gesture of love and kindness! Dave knew it was a sign from God and wanted to get even more involved. Turns out many others in different locations also wanted to come under the umbrella of VASS since it was started from a pure motive of love for others. The movement represents the spirit of Dave's Dad in such a perfect way.

VASS is like a big family started by one Vass who loved with all his heart and gave up his life so that others can live. Mark's passing away will not be in vein, God has bigger plans and he's smiling down from heaven seeing that his family is getting bigger everyday!

As my Dad always loved to say, "We are all just a bunch of Vasses" :-)

We don't claim to know everything or do everything right but we are a group of hearts that have a like-minded purpose of showing love and care to all those in our communities. If you are interested in joining the VASS family please let us know.